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Safety Tips

There are many cost-free hacks and tricks you can use to enhance your home’s security. Our professionals at Same Day Locksmith security have compiled a list of simple tips to support your security efforts.

Safe Practices

Never leave the door open. Leaving your door open makes your home vulnerable to crimes such as burglary or assault. Always remember to close and lock the door when you leave, even if it’s just for a minute. And if you’re leaving for an extended period, consider using a keypad or alarm system to keep your home safe.

Always remove the key from the lock. Leaving your keys in the lock is one of the most common ways people get locked out of their homes. Also, thieves can get access inside your house effortlessly.

Do not write your address on your key holder. If you ever lose your keys, you’re essentially giving thieves all the information they need to break into your home. It’s much safer to list your name and telephone number instead.

Physical Security

Have your window locks in place and never leave your windows open, even when home. Burglars often take advantage of an unlocked window to enter a home.
Most burglaries occur through an insecure door. Install a 5 lever deadlock on all external doors – front, back, side, and garage. This mechanism significantly reduces your chances of being targeted by a burglar.

It’s always a good idea to upgrade your door locks, especially if you have children or live in a busy area. You want to ensure your family is safe and your belongings are secure.

Keep your equipment in a safe place when it’s not in use and chain them to a solid object or structure. Ensure the chain is of good quality and the locks are sturdy.

When Not at Home


Set a timer to switch on lights and radio, so no one will sense you are not at home.


Leave all curtains flowing during the day.


Ask your neighbours to check on your property when you are gone for a long time.


Invest in a good CCTV camera. Thieves will avoid your home.

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