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The garage is often overlooked, whether in terms of renovation or security. But, you must remember that the garage is an essential part of your home and if not secured properly, it can be the target for thieves. To further emphasise the importance of garage security, reports state that most burglaries in the USA start in the garage.

So, do not take garage security lightly and contact Same Day Locksmiths to install new and advanced garage door locks in Portsmouth. Some of the lock technologies you can consider are:

  • Keyless entry locks – These locks open the garage door without a key. This is a convenient option, especially if you carry items like groceries. Furthermore, these locks offer security benefits, such as the inability to be bumped or picked as traditional locks.
  • Smart locks – In this digital age, smart locks have emerged as one of the popular options for not only garage security but home security. These locks connect to the home’s Wi-Fi network and your smartphone. Hence, you can unlock and lock the garage door using your phone remotely. Also, custom access codes can be created for near and dear ones.
  • Deadbolt locks – These locks are heavyweight and offer an added layer of security. Deadbolt locks are installed inside the garage door. So they cannot be opened from the outside.
  • Garage door openers with advanced security features – The garage door openers of today come with a range of security features. For instance, motion sensors, rolling codes, and more. Thanks to these features, unauthorised access is prevented.

When selecting garage doors with advanced technologies, it is essential to consider your budget and specific needs. If you need help making the decision, you can reach out to Same Day Locksmiths. We always update ourselves with the latest lock technologies to provide you with the best solution for your garage door security.

Besides installing the right lock for your garage door, you can also take a few steps to improve security. These are:

  • Ensure to keep the garage door locked when you are not using it.
  • Install motion sensors on your garage door so that an alarm is triggered if any unauthorised person tries to open your garage door forcefully.
  • Consider installing CCTV cameras to monitor your home and garage.

So, do you want to update the security of your garage door? Call Same Day Locksmiths, and we will help you choose the right garage door locks in Portsmouth to keep your home safe.

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